Board of Directors

Committed to the Cause
Coming together from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, our skilled team is the backbone of Veterans Gaming & Mental Health Mission. Their ideas help shape the direction and mission of our organization as it continues to develop. Read on to learn more about some of our incredible team.

Kairi J Sariah

Kairi J Sariah

Board President/Executive Director

USAF Intelligence Veteran, Parent, Lover, Dreamer

Dan Kerning

Dan Kerning

Board of Directors

US Navy Pilot (Ret), CEO of Webhouse Inc, Developer

Bert Schneider

Bert Schneider

Board of Directors

USAF Officer (Ret), Retired Raytheon, Business Strategist

Management & Staff

Star Holder

Executive Assistant

Star is a avid believer in the mission and streamer

Alexander Castro

Director, Marketing

Alex "SergeantMurica" Castro is a content creator and marketing expert

Tyler W. Christian

Director, DTCH 1

Oversees Detachment 1 (PTSD/MST Support)

Cleo Mendonca

Chief Security Officer

Cleo is a long time resident of VGMH, a friend to all, and a brutal enforcer.

Lexi Zarek

Director, DTCH 2

Oversees Detachment 2 (Gaming & Streaming Outreach)

Bryan Bown

Community Manager

Bryan is a gamer and mental health advocate who has been with VGMH from the start.

Our Founder

Kairi Jaye Sariah

   On December 21, 2020, Kairi had effectively decided to end her life. She took a presumably loaded gun, put it to her mouth and pulled the trigger. For reasons still unknown, that gun never fired. After that fateful moment she decided to embark on a journey of the mind in hopes of finding what we all strive for: healing.

   Knowing the pain first hand and how bad the "suck" feels when it sucks, she decided to begin a career streaming on Twitch. While she was figuring out the world of streaming, she realized that the more she started to be her true self with no act to put on, the more people seemed to flock to the channel and connect with her. Over the course of a year Kairi dove deep into the world of mental health on a journey to finally learn who she was and to make sense of her mind. Candidly and openly—good or bad—she explored her mind to find healing. Only to prove that if she could do it, so could anyone.

   Never in a million years did she expect to be the founder, President and Executive Director of anything, especially a nonprofit organization that is saving and changing lives. She openly admits there are so many things she doesn't know and so many times that she didn't know what she was doing in life, but she knows one thing for sure: that when it comes to mental health and her brothers and sisters in arms, she will give it her all and try her best to continue helping those in need. To read more of her candid journey click the link below.