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What’s New in VALORANT Episode 5 Act 1

Better finish your battle pass because the new season starts on June 21st!

Every season means ranks are refreshed, and new battle passes. Speaking of refreshed ranks, Valorant will include a new rank called Ascendant. It will sit between Diamond and Immortal. We can also look forward to new content in our battle passes with three different skin lines, player cards, sprays, and gun buddies.

The new skin line called “DemonStone” has also been leaked!

Looking like a futuristic “Reaver” skin bundle, it’s said it would feature an Operator, Vandal, Stinger, Shorty, and a Melee weapon! Maybe if I had a better aim, I would cop it too.

We have good news for players who have been tired of rotating between the same seven maps or for the straight-up SPLIT haters! Riot will release a new map named Pearl. We can expect an underwater city, and just like all the other maps, it probably will have a cool gimmick to look forward to. Unfortunately, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, as Riot will be removing SPLIT from the map rotation.

However, there has been a lot of controversy around the retirement of the old map. While some players are excited about the new map, others say limiting map rotation is terrible. You can say that the opinions are split on this one.

Riot made this decision to push players to

master each map and possibly limit map selection in pro play and competitive mode. Several Reddit users have pointed out that not only are there other solutions to this problem, but this reasoning does not quite make sense.

When new maps are released, a specific tab is opened only to play that map. Players can familiarize themselves this way until the map is released into the rotation queue. There is also a custom game option to practice new lineups and test plays. It seems like Riot is focusing on competitive players while casual enjoyers of the game aren’t considered.

As Reddit user “ResolutionInitial845” points out, there are better solutions if Riot wants to keep a small pool of maps for tournaments. The teams could have the option to ban a map, for example, or Riot could keep the small pool for games and competitive mode only while leaving SPLIT unrated!

Reddit user “Gordzulax” points out that SPLIT is his favorite map, and pros still make entertaining plays on that map. In his opinion, other maps are worse. As a Valorant player myself, I agree that Breeze is worse (hate that map), but I also believe there’s nothing more frustrating than getting the same map over and over again. Adding more maps to the rotation would reduce my chances of getting Bind three games in a row. Maybe that’s Riot’s strategy to make me a radiant player, but trust me, it’s not working!

What is your opinion on Riot potentially removing SPLIT from map rotation? Are you excited about the new season? Let us know!

Youtube Video is taken from user “NOOB NOOB FRUIT.”

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