Valorant Patch 5.01: Get your sunglasses ready!

The first official patch of the season is about to get released and while we have no official release date yet, it’s still very exciting! Some of the changes were seen on the PBE and if you’re a KAY/O, Yoru, or Phoenix main, it’s going to be a treat! The rest of us might just need to invest into some eye drops.


KAY/O finally got some changes that should make his playstyle a lot smoother:


  • Size of diameter reduced

  • Damage without line of sight required

NULL/cmd(his ultimate ability):

  • Only allies will hear full audio of revival. Enemies will get a short audio cue.

If, like me, you have never played him, you might not have known that the visual on his grenade (FRAG/ment) doesn’t reflect its actual range. That was surprising to me as it seems like such a simple detail but we should expect the zone diameter to be from 10m to 8m. It also no longer has a line of sight requirement which is a huge quality of life buff!

On the other hand, you might have gotten shot in the head while attempting to revive the KAY/O on your team. This is also addressed in this patch as the cue that your teammate is being revived should only be available to you and your teammate. The enemy team will still hear a sound but it will be more similar to an orb tap.

Sid, Valorant enthusiast, shares his opinion on this change: “I feel like this is an overall buff to the ability and should improve its usability and make it a lot more consistent. For example, if someone was planting the spike near a box, which is the case for a majority of the time, and you threw your grenade to the other side of said box , you would currently deal no damage in game. The current radius UI would make you think otherwise. So even though the radius will be a bit smaller once the patch goes live, you can use your grenade with the confidence that what you see is what you get.

Additionally, his ultimate ability NULL/cmd also got a small tweak. This should make it so that your teammates are punished way less often. Previously, enemies would know for sure if your teammate was committed to trying to revive you and could easily kill them. Now, the situation is a lot more akin to playing around a spike. There’s uncertainty on whether your teammate just tapped you or is committed to your revival. This should result in enemies being less confident and peeking less often.”



  • Flash duration extended

  • Flash windup decreased


  • Weapon equip time decreased after ending wall deploy early

Run it Back (his ultimate ability):

  • Will now spawn back with the same amount of shield as when ability was cast.

When was the last time you regularly saw Phoenix in competitive matches? I personally cannot remember. I have one friend that will play him as a meme pick and that should tell you the sad state of this agent. He currently unfortunately sits at a 1.2% pick rate but hopefully these changes will bring his initial popularity back and maybe even reflect how epic this character looks in the Valorant cinematics.

His flash is seeing some major buffs as the duration is now longer (1.1s to 1.5s) and it takes less time to activate (0.7s to 0.5s) which should bring him to par to other popular agents. Phoenix will also be able to get back into the fight faster thanks to the changes in his Blaze ability. Not only that but changes to his ult will also make him more durable and overall, deadlier.

Sid, Valorant player extraordinaire shares some of his thoughts: “ The changes to his flash should dramatically improve how useful it is. Currently, his flashes are some of the weakest in the game. Due to the very long windup time, players who are anticipating the flash can easily turn around to not be blinded by it and kill the phoenix instead. Additionally, because of the current short duration, by the time Phoenix can equip his weapon after using the ability, a large portion of t