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TheDegeneratePatriot or Cory is a fantastic man, and I have had the pleasure to learn more about I am pleased to work more with him going forward! In my first conversation, he was willing to do what it takes to help this mission, that it is important to him to help, and it fills me with joy knowing others have this spirit. The most excellent way for me to sum up his story is from his writing; I cannot say it any better:

"I am a combat veteran that served five years in the United States Marine Corps. I deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan multiple times. I wanted to make the Marine Corps a career but was hurt overseas. I could at least get out with an honorable and medical discharge.

Since getting out, I've married my beautiful wife (you'll see her in chat trolling me sometimes), we have two beautiful children (boy and girl), and then we have our pups, Baby Duke and Gunner Bear.

I created this channel to bring together military/ veterans and civilians to have fun. I have suffered from PTSD, and gaming was an outlet for me and helped me center myself. I play to have fun and when I'm stressed and need to get away. I want this channel to be somewhere people can go and get away. Somewhere they can forget things and enjoy themselves.

Thanks for stopping by! Make sure to hit the follow/subscribe button and the bell icon, so you never have to miss a stream!"



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