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New map: New Viper Lineups

Hi everyone!

Today we’ll be learning the lineups for Viper on the new map. So now, as a Viper main, you might expect me to know them, and even be a pro at them. The truth is I just throw my abilities where it makes sense in my mind. Sometimes, through pure luck, they do end up being viable but those times are few and far between and let’s be honest, I could definitely be a better Viper. So today, we are learning together!

This video from KangaVal on Youtube was very helpful and I definitely recommend it.

I have tried the wall through A site that he first showed on attack and it was effective but I also enjoy using a wall that blocks out dug out (as seen below) so I can keep my smoke orb in case we need to rotate to mid or B site. The issue is that you can’t safely clear the back of site unless the wall is down.

But that’s the only lineup that I personally prefer to the ones shown in that video. Did you already know those lineups? Do you have any that you prefer? Let us know!

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