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Specialized "detachments" are units mobilized to target specific areas that Veterans struggle with. Community engagement is at the core of our strategy. Tackling the issue of Veteran suicide is no easy feat and we here at Veterans Gaming & Mental Health Mission are actively doing the work it takes to alleviate our Veterans' mental health.

There is hope and healing. Peace is possible. Let us show you how.

MST/PTSD Support
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MST/PTSD Support

 Survivors of traumatic incidents can receive counsel, guidance, and referral to the right specialist for their unique cases with absolutely no required cost 

Video Game Developers
VGMH Gaming & Streaming

 Online outreach via online streaming and gaming.

Gaming Accessories
VGMH Lifeline

 Every month, 1 Veteran or First Responder who is in need will receive a gaming PC built to proper specifications

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Military Sexual Trauma & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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Veterans Gaming and Mental Health Mission seeks to play an integral role in taking your power back. You have rights and you have avenues for safe and confidential representation.

Some Facts About Military Sexual Trauma Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

What exactly IS MST?

VA uses the term “military sexual trauma” (MST) to refer to sexual assault or sexual harassment experienced during military service. MST includes any sexual activity that you are involved with against your will. Examples include:

  • Being pressured or coerced into sexual activities, such as with threats of negative treatment if you refuse to cooperate or with promises of better treatment in exchange for sex

  • Sexual contact or activities without your consent, including when you were asleep or intoxicated

  • Being overpowered or physically forced to have sex

  • Being touched or grabbed in a sexual way that made you uncomfortable, including during “hazing” experiences

  • Comments about your body or sexual activities that you found threatening

  • Unwanted sexual advances that you found threatening

Not a diagnosis

It is important to note that MST is an experience as opposed to an actual diagnosis or mental health condition.  However, veterans may experience mental health conditions, such as PTSD, depression, and/or anxiety, as a result of MST.  The type, severity, and duration of a veteran’s difficulties following MST may vary and depend on factors such as the following:

  • Whether they have a prior history of trauma

  • The types of responses from others that they received at the time of the MST

  • Whether the MST happened once or was repeated over time

Yes, men too

National data (from VA program) reveals that about 1 in 3 women and 1 in 50 men respond "yes," that they experienced MST, when screened by their VA provider.
Although rates of MST are higher among women, because there are many more men than women in the military, there are actually significant numbers of women and men seen in VA who have experienced MST. In fact, over 1 of every 3 Veterans who tell a provider they experienced MST are men.


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is one of the most common mental health diagnoses among MST survivors. Other mental health diagnoses that are frequently related to MST include depression and other mood disorders and substance use disorders. MST has also been found to be associated with a variety of physical health conditions.

Fortunately, people can recover from experiences of trauma

What you may not know

Some of us go through many of these responses, sometimes for years, without realizing they are responses to trauma. Example of trauma response symptoms include:

  • Depressed mood

  • Intense, sudden emotional responses to external stimuli

  • Feeling angry/irritable most of the time

  • Feeling emotionally numb or having difficulty experiencing emotions, such as love or happiness

  • Trouble sleeping (e.g., falling/staying asleep, nightmares)

  • Difficulties with attention, concentration, and memory

  • Maladaptive substance use

  • Difficulties with interpersonal relationships (e.g., feeling isolated or disconnected from others, trouble with employers or authority figures, difficulty trusting others)

  • Again, each individual may respond to the experience of MST differently, and the list above is not intended to be exhaustive.

Full Circle

An average of 27.5 Veterans commit suicide per day, as of June 2021 from a  collective 20 year study. "Post-traumatic stress disorder" is euphemistic language at this point, completely hiding the pain behind jargon.

What many of us are experiencing is shell shock. A system overload due to a traumatic experience. For that number to come down and for us to find healing, we have to talk about it. With each other, with our loved ones, even with absolute strangers. Open therapeutic discussion is the key to unlocking your full potential within you.

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Come Game or Stream With Us!

What's Your Play Style?
What do you want to accomplish in eSports? Choose all the apply

VGMH Gaming & Streaming

Online outreach via online streaming and gaming, where connections can be made and bridges built between people who would otherwise never cross paths or interact.


Camaraderie and friendship can be found online and this helps fight against the feeling of loneliness or isolation which is all too often a fatal emotion.

Want to take your gaming to the next level and game for a purpose? Are you a streamer and looking for the spark that can get your stream to have that light in it? VGMH Gaming and Streaming is the place to find it!

VGMH Lifeline

Every month, 1 Veteran or First Responder who is in need will receive a gaming PC built to proper specifications to keep up with today's high demand in hardware for gaming and other online activities.

This can and has proven to be a lifeline for those that suffer from isolation and loneliness, those who lack the means to attain a gaming PC on their own accord, and can goes far beyond simply gaming: A new and strong computer can be a new lease on life enabling those to work from home, have access to the online world, and fully reap the benefits that Veterans Gaming and Mental Health Mission has to offer.

Does your business or content channel want to help raise funds or donate gaming computers to veterans? If you'd like to work together please get in touch. 

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Gaming & Streaming
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